The name of the association is 'GOLDEN RIDGE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH', hereinafter also referred to as 'GRNW' or 'the Local Scheme'.

ASNWA Membership

GRNW is a member of the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association and is governed by their rules. For full details, see their website at

This document only provides information specific to Golden Ridge Neighbourhood Watch. Information about ASNWA rules and a copy of the constitution can be downloaded from


The specific objectives of the Local Scheme are:

  1. To distribute alerts from Avon and Somerset Police to members either by email or printed documents.
  2. To appoint volunteer Contact People, each covering approximately 10 houses, to facilitate communication with members.
  3. To maintain a secure list of member details in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The local scheme GDPR Policy can be viewed here.
  4. To assist the police or emergency services if they require to contact a member.
  5. To provide information to members on security matters and how to contact the police if necessary.
  6. To assist with local community matters such as street parties, picnics and other matters raised by members from time to time.


Coordinator: Joan Daniels 7 Ridgehill
Data Protection Officer (DPO): John Cass 11 Ridgehill


The GRNW email account is

(Both organisers have access to this account and ALL messages in relation to GRNW should be sent to it)


Any person who lives in one of the following roads is eligible to join the Local Scheme.


Contact People should as soon as possible let either organiser know of any changes in their group of houses. The DPO will keep this information up to date in the database and will provide Contact People with an updated list whenever changes are recorded.

Every two years Contact People will be asked by the Coordinator to visit their members and check that the information they have about them is up to date and correct. They may also be asked to collect a subscription (currently £1 per household to cover two years membership)


There are some expenses incurred in running the scheme, mainly purchase and maintenance of Neighbourhood Watch signs and the biennial subscription covers this. The money is held as petty cash by the Coordinator and, at their discretion, may be used to reimburse expenses incurred on any Neighbourhood Watch related business or to help fund minor community projects in the area of the Local Scheme.


If it becomes necessary to wind up the Local Scheme, all member data held by the organisers will be deleted and any remaining petty cash will be donated to a charity designated by the coordinator at the time.

Policy on Circulating Appeals for Assistance

  1. Requests for shopping and chemist visits during the Coronavirus crisis will be handled through our database system.
  2. Requests for non-monetary assistance from members of our local scheme will normally be accepted and circulated.
  3. Requests from non-members will not normally be considered.
  4. No requests for monetary donations will be circulated.
  5. In cases 1-3 the coordinator has the final say in any decision – reasons do not have to be given for any deviation from this policy statement.

John Cass, 9 July 2018
Revised: 18 April 2020