1. Purpose of Data Collection.

Data is collected from each household to enable alerts from the police and information about community matter to be passed on to Members and to provide contact information to GRNW organisers and the police in case of emergency.
Their data is used for no other purpose.

2. What Data is Collected?

Each database record initially contains a House Number, Road Name and Postcode. These together uniquely define a house in the Scheme.

The following items of data are requested from the occupants of each house when they join the Scheme:

Mailing Names allow Members to choose how they wish to be addressed in correspondence. Details of one Member only are stored but this field enables us to address a couple, e.g. Mrs Jane Smith, Mr & Mrs John Smith, Jane & John Smith etc.

The following fields are essential for operation of the Scheme:

If Mailing Names are not given, Members will be addressed in correspondence as [Title] [Forename] Surname.

3. How is the Data Stored?

It is the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer to store the data securely. The current procedures are as follows:

4. How is the Data Initially Collected?

When a new Member moves into the area they are visited by their Contact Person and given an information leaflet about the Scheme. If they wish to join they are asked to fill in a form which collects the data described in 2. above. The new Member is given a printed copy of the policy and asked to tick the box on the form to indicate that they have read it and that they agree to the use of their data within the Scheme.

5. How is the Information Kept Up To Date?

Every two years, Contact People visit their Members with a printed copy of their data and ask them to check that their information is correct. Any changes are written on the form which is signed by the Member and returned to the Coordinator who passes it to the Data Protection Officer for entering into the database.

6. How Can Members Change their Data?

By contacting the Coordinator or the Data Protection Officer with their request, either using the Scheme email address or by filling in a form obtainable from their Contact Person. Changes will be made as soon as possible, usually immediately if the Data Protection Officer is available.

7. Members Leaving the Scheme

If a Member leaves the Scheme for any reason their data will be deleted as soon as possible (and usually immediately) from the database.

John Cass, 25 May 2018

Updated 9 July 2018