Golden Ridge Neighbourhood Watch is in Henleaze, Bristol BS9.
It covers houses in Ridgehill, Sates Way, Walliscote Road and Walliscote Avenue,
plus the top part of Henleaze Park Drive, from the junction with Hill View.
There are 127 houses in this area and 122 households are members.
(The few non-members are generally people who are renting a house for a short period.)


We hope your move was not too stressful and that you will have a happy time in our community.

Quote   Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working together to create safe, attractive, friendly places to live, places where crime is less likely to happen and people are less likely to turn to antisocial behaviour. It is about you looking out for your neighbours and them looking out for you, crossing barriers of age, race and class for everyone’s good. It is about making sure that no one need feel alone, scared or vulnerable in the place where they live.   Unquote

From: ‘What kind of neighbourhood do you want to live in?’ Neighbourhood Watch leaflet

The neighbour who has told you about the scheme and has given you this sheet of paper is one of fifteen Contact People, each responsible for up to ten houses, who assist the Coordinator for Golden Ridge Neighbourhood Watch, Joan Daniels, who lives at 7 Ridgehill.

If you become a member, your contact details will be put on a secure database maintained by John Cass at 11 Ridgehill. Your data can only be accessed by the Coordinator and your named Contact Person and will not be passed on to anyone else except in an emergency if you are away.

From time to time you will be sent emails by the Coordinator usually originating from the local police with security advice, information about increased risks such as bikes being stolen from sheds or cars being broken into in our area. Warnings about attempts at fraud are also circulated, usually telephone or internet scams.

If you do not have internet access, your Contact Person will provide you with a paper copy of the relevant emails (e.g. not those involving internet scams).

Social events such as street parties or picnics are organised from time to time for all in the GRNW area.

It costs just £1 for a household to join the scheme, renewable every two years