Golden Ridge Neighbourhood Watch

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Lists of Members

Each Contact Person will be provided with a list of their members every time an update is made. This will be emailed as a pdf file. Contact People may print this out but should be aware that we are obliged by law to keep this information secure and therefore the printed list needs to be kept in a safe place. Old lists should be shredded, not recycled.

If a Contact Person needs a new copy of the list for any reason they should email a request to

Follow this procedure when somebody new moves into one of your houses:

  1. Give them a copy of the Introduction Sheet.
  2. If they are interested in joining give them a copy of the Data Protection Policy and the Data Collection Form and ask them to read the policy and fill in the form.
  3. Collect the completed form and the £1 subscription. Pass these to the Coordinator.
  4. The Coordinator will see that the data is entered into the secure database and will give the Contact Person a personalised Welcome Leaflet and Membership Card to be passed to the new member.

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